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Home Inspection

Types of Inspections

  • Pre-Purchase Inspection:  Know The Exact Condition Of The Home, (Inside And Out) So That You Will Know Exactly What You Are Buying, Or What Needs To Be Renegotiated.
  • Pre-Listing Inspection:  Have Your Property Inspected Before You List It. This Gives You An Idea What Areas Need To Be Addressed With Out Any Last Minute Surprises Or Negotiations.
  • New Construction Inspections:  Just Because You Are Purchasing A Brand New Home, Don't Assume The Property Has No Issues.
  • Warranty Inspections:  Inspections Prior To A Home Builders Warranty Expiring.
  • Pre-Lease Inspections:  Before Leasing Your Own Property Or Leasing From Someone Else, Get A Thorough Inspection And Photo Documentation On The Condition Of The Property.
  • Post Lease Inspection:  After Your Lease Expires, Get A Thorough Inspection And Photo Documentation On The Condition Of The Property. This Can Help Save Your Deposit Or If You Have Had A "Bad Renter" You May Need To Document The Condition Of The Property.

Do I Really Need a Home Inspection?

Based On All The Added Expenses That You Might End Up Paying Without A Home Inspection Such As Fixing A Broken Water Heater, Plumbing Issues, And Foundation Problems, The Minimal Cost Of $200-$600 Is Definitely Worth It. Homebuyers Are Often Stressed Out About Money And Think That They Can Save A Few Dollars By Skipping A Home Inspection. In Reality, An Inspection Can Be The Best Investment You Make In Your Home And It Can Give You Peace Of Mind When You Finally Decide To Buy.

Our Mission

For Your Largest Investment, You Deserve the Best Inspection. At Blue Star Inspections, We Provide Our Clients The Information They Need To Make An Informed Decision. Our Explanations And Reports Are Clear, Concise And Professional And Are Augmented By Numerous Photos To Illustrate Potential Areas Of Concern. We Have A Reputation For Thoroughness And Reliability And Our Inspectors Are Qualified To Assist You With All Your Inspection Needs. When You Are Ready, So Are We. Call Us Today To Schedule A Convenient Time For Your Inspection. You’ll Be Glad You Made The Right Choice!